B&B Il Fornaccio - Antique farmer's house

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Bed and Breakast Il Fornaccio, a window on the "cradle of the Renaissance".

Our house set in the hills behind Fiesole overlooks the prettiest of the valleys, that which opens and leads to Firenze.
From our windows you can see Brunelleschi’s dome and the belltower of Fiesole, an enchanting panorama!
Il Fornaccio is a restored 16th century farmhouse, a structure which was part of the “Fattoria di Olmo” and it is nestled in a fairytale-like setting.

Ours is a country-house in the truest sense, where you will not find a polished formal setting,  expensive ornaments or a maniacle care to keep things in order.

Given our love of silence, its our choice not to have a television and air conditioning so Il Fornaccio is a place where you can pass the day in synch with the sound and rythm of nature. In our house, you breath a familiar air. We like to make our guests feel at home, sharing space with us and perhaps even a meala t the same table in our comfortable salon.

Living at Il Fornaccio, you will meet Loredana, together with her 7 year-old daughter Eleonora, their dog, Nana’ and hedgehog, Spillo, who had the great fortune to be found and brought back to life at Il Fornaccio.

Loredana speaks some English, Spanish quite well but always manages to communicate in any circumsatnce; her language, with its origins in Napoli, is what we call, “universal”.  

Our house is nestled in the countryside, among olive and fruit trees where you can stretch out and relax in the sun on warm spring days or enjoy the cool shade of a huge century-old elm tree, which together with the farmhouse dominate one of the prettiest valleys that look onto Fiesole and Firenze, the Mugnone Valley.